About Hair Extensions

About Hair Extensions:

The Headline Salon has been providing our clients the ability of having long and thick looking hair. Many clients can't grow hair with the fullness they desire. Some clients get a bad haircut and need to use extensions. Once the hair gets to a length that they can handle they take them out.

Some clients go through chemotherapy and they need to feel good about themselves; hair extensions are often a better choice than a wig.

There are also clients who are in the entertainment business and need lots of fullness and length; this applies to both men and women.

We always recommend a brief consultation prior to using extensions to ensure that we give you the best possible advise and that we won't misquote the price.

At the consultation we will talk about:

  1. Motive
  2. How long will they stay in?
  3. What type of method is needed to achieve your objective?
  4. How often does the client need to return to the salon for maintenance?
  5. How much will it take to put them in?
  6. How much will it cost the first time and how much for regular maintenance?
  7. What type of method will work best for you?

We have clients who have been using hair extensions for over 25 years and they have no hair damage and client comments include "I will wear them until I die, that is how good they feel every time they come in for maintenance."

If you are looking for experience, skill and great customer service call The Headline Salon!

We never quote prices over the phone. A personal consultation is necessary to truly assess your needs and create the style, cut, and finish that fits your needs.

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